2009 A Year in Review Part II: A Retrospective Look at 2009, A Year of Sad Realizations

Now that we’ve recounted the highlights of the year, its time look at what else happened. I planned on posting a picture of the Crying Freeman cover to convey my thoughts, but opted for something more in context. Though come to think of it, Crying Freeman is actually QUITE in context. Because 2009 was very much THE year of sad realizations…

The year we came to the sad realization that Haruhu Suzumiya Season 2 got cancelled. It turns out, what we were in fact seeing was an alternate version of that one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The one where the Enterprise crashes into another ship, then cuts to commercial leaving all of us to assume that the entire crew is dead. Only then do we find out they are stuck in a time loop. Except in this version, the entire crew is incredibly stupid, nothing of importance really happens, and Data is now a high school girl who decides it would be best to keep quiet about the entire thing. Also, it spans 8 episodes.

The year we came to the sad realization that Kyoto Animation is the only studio rolling in the green. What’s an even sadder realization is perhaps the fact that most of that revenue came from K-ON and Endless Eight. GONZO and Madhouse were certainly scrambling to cover their costs, despite the superior works they have produced. Actually, I might have to take that back. These days, there are few things that make money and once something is established as profitable, studios become weary of straying. Just look at GONZO’s show lineups as of late which includes such FINE titles as Strike Witches and Rosario to Vampire. I can forgive SHAFT to a degree, as they usually have their once a season cash cow, which they take and make other “unpopular” things with. Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. What can I say? Moe money, moe problems.

The year we came to the sad realization that people did not watched Gurren Lagann for the giant robots. We instead watched it for a combination of dead virgins, Yoko’s breasts, and (at least for the latter half) watching it to get our weekly rage fix from Rossiu. How do I know this? Because this year saw the revival of Go Nagai’s classic Mazinger Z franchise, Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen, directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa of Tetsujin-28 (2004) and New Getter Robo fame. As far as super robots are concerned, the original Mazinger is perhaps the most iconic super robot in the history of anime. And guess what? No one watched it.

The year we came to the sad realization that no one has appreciation for DAT ASS. We instead spent most of our time fawning over oppai ranging from the atrociously large as depicted in Queen’s Blade, or the criminally small (literally) as depicted in pretty much every new show ever. This year saw the continued revival of perhaps one of the most memorable characters from classic 80’s anime. Yes I am talking about Buichi Terasawa’s Space Adventure Cobra franchise. It’s hard to believe that no one appreciates DAT ASS enough to check out Terasawa’s work, but apparently that’s how things are these days.

And finally, the year we came to the sad realization that 2009 did not produce a classic. Yes, we had Kuuchuu Buranko and Eden of the East, but in terms of popularity amongst anime fans, those two fall flat on their faces. We would much rather spend our time watching K-ON, Haruhi Suzumiya, and harem high school comedy otaku bait moe show #1254.

But wait! What if these shows that everyone watches really are good, and I’m the one who’s crazy? Thus, I concede. The term classic is inherently a subjective term. Granted, its subjectivity that must be widely agreed upon. This eventually led to the ultimate realization of 2009…The grim truth of the matter is, the year 2009 was the year I finally realized I was “that guy.” The guy that hasn’t seen K-ON. The guy that doesn’t laugh at the antics of the SOS Brigade. The guy that would much rather celebrate the remake of Mazinger Z by re-watching old episodes of Mazinkaiser than half the shows currently airing.

I had officially become old.


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