Legend of Lemnear Review

Not long ago, there was a brief period of time known as the “Golden Age of Anime.” A time when Japanese animation still seemed foreign and highly profitable for American distribution companies. A time when the OVA reigned supreme and allowed for wide experimentation of the medium. We know this age as the “Anime Boom of the 80s.” It began with Gundam and Yamato’s rise to prominence. It bore witness to the rise of Robotech and it culminated with the release of Akira in the late 80s.

In my ever-increasing pursuit of unique anime, what better place to look than the holy grail period of anime experimentation. Unfortunately, to think of the Golden Age as an age where everything was pure gold is rather conceited. Such was the case when I came across Legend of Lemnear, a movie directed by the rather obscure Kinji Yoshimoto.

The story revolves around the titular character Lemnear, the champion of silver according to prophesy. She seeks revenge upon the evil wizard Gardein for slaughtering her village. Not much else can be said about Lemnear’s plot except that there isn’t one. The back-story is rushed and the movie suffers from pacing issues. The last half of the movie is particularly awful as it is basically one long drawn-out fight scene.

The animation was surprisingly decent for an 80s OVA, presumably with low-tier budget. The show employs huge amounts of gore and fanservice and is definitely one of Urushihara’s “classics” so to speak. The character designs were decent enough, but lacked depth and personality. Coupled with an uninspired story, Legend of Lemnear offers little to viewers in the form of entertainment.

Final Thoughts: 3/10
Legend of Lemnear focuses heavily on the “swords and sorcery” genre epitomized by Record of Lodoss War. Unlike its ancestor however, Legend of Lemnear has little redeeming qualities. A sleazy fantasy with very little substance and pacing issues when the movie tries to have a plot.

Skip It.


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