Queen’s Blade Review

Thus we’ve come to the third and final installment of Yoshimoto’s Holy Trinity of Suck. Queen’s Blade is Kinji Yoshimoto’s latest in line of failures which include Legend of Lemnear and Plastic Little. Having been made in 2009, Queen’s Blade is more accessible to the current generation of anime fans. However, that does not save it from being Yoshimoto’s worst.

In all its infamy, Queen’s Blade actually has a workable plot on paper. That is, until actually watching the show and coming to the realization that the Queen’s Blade franchise was built upon combat books. For what its worth, the first season follows Leina, who was born into a noble family but wants to prove that she can make it on her own. Thus she joins the “Queen’s Blade Tournament,” held every four years to determine the queen of the land.

Queen Blade’s hastily constructed plot is nothing more than a front for its exhibition of scantily clad women fighting each other. The “buxom babe wearing impractically scanty armor” trope has been a staple of sorts in high fantasy and gothic fantasy works since Marvel Comic’s Red Sonja unveiled the chain mail bikini in the 1970s. Just take a look at any Japanese video game these days that takes place in a medieval-esque world. Even World of Warcraft employs this trope to its female armor variants.

Queen’s Blade is both a celebration and glorification of such minimally covered warriors and is perhaps the first of its kind to air on national television. What truly pains me is the relative success of Queen’s Blade compared to actual good shows such as Kaiba or Hare Guu that sold considerably poorly. If anything, it indicates the possible grim future for the anime industry. A future where instead of making the next Robotech or Ghost in the Shell, networks are more intent on funding Queen’s Blade season 3 or Ikkitousen season 5. For people who truly appreciate the genre and everything it represents, Queen’s Blade is everything and more. For everyone else, myself included, stay the hell away.

Final Thoughts: 1/10
I had a hard time watching Queen’s blade, and thats saying something considering i had literally nothing else to do in my internet-lacking apartment in 90 degree Shanghai summer weather. It’s an anime without a real purpose other than to glorify all the negative aspects of the anime medium and to further establish the director’s already low-tier credentials.

Skip It.


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