Abashiri Ikka Review

In my ever increasing search for a better understanding of anime as a whole has ultimately led me to the works of Go Nagai. Go Nagai is a giant when it comes to the manga and anime industry. His resume includes the likes of Getter Robo, Mazinger Z, Cutey Honey and the numerous spin offs and crossovers to come from those classics. Along with Osamu Tezuka during the 60s, Go Nagai pioneered the science fiction, horror, and fantasy genres in early anime and manga.

However, the name Go Nagai has over time become synonymous with “ecchi” itself. If Go Nagai is the main influence behind many of the good things in anime today, then he is equally the influence behind many of the bad. In fact, many of his more obscure works in past years show his very liberal method of telling a story. The 1991 movie Abashiri Ikka is a prime example of one his more abstruse works.

The premise for Abashiri Ikka is quite simple. Sometime in the future, crime and chaos will overrun Japan. One well known criminal clan, the Abrashiri Family, decides it is time for a change. The head of the household sends Kikunosuke, the first daughter, to a prestigious boarding school in the hopes that she’ll grow up a normal girl. However, the school is actually run by lunatics and perverts who have no intention of graduating the students. Kikunosuke must face the teachers and their grueling “curriculum” which consists of torture and murder, as well as her violent and unfriendly classmates.

Besides that, I am unsure of what to say. The movie is quite short, only an hour or so. It was rather poorly animated for 90s show but whether that’s actually true is up for debate as I’m not familiar with the animation process. The character designs are similar to what one might find in Ultimate Teacher, very crudely drawn and cartoon-esque. The plot is very much like the second Violence Jack film except less serious and taking place in a school setting.

Final Thoughts: 2/10
I’d like to think of Abashiri Ikka as an early thought piece that just sort of happened as a means of experimentation. Good in some respects as it personifies a time in animation where experimentation ran high. Watch it as if it were, or don’t watch it at all. Overall, I’d say there are better Go Nagai works than Abashiri Ikka.

Skip It.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Abashiri Family manga was actually one of his earlier works, and was apparently popular enough in the 70s but nagai dropped it to concentrate on the Devilman manga. it was also made as a form of protest against the pta which explains how bizzarely violent it could get. I kind of enjoyed the ova for the action and the weirdness.

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