Apocalypse Zero Review

I’d like to think of myself as having kept an open mind when it comes to anime. I’ve seen a lot of good things and I’ve seen my fair share of bad things. There were nonsensical shows that bored me to tears. There were shows so ridiculously written that the supposedly serious plot made me laugh out loud at its premise. There were shows with such bad characterizations that it caused me to feel slightly irate. But never has there been a show that has made me cringe in disgust the way Apocalypse Zero has.

Plot wise, Apocalypse Zero is essentially a post-apocalyptic action splatter-fest that tries to be who-knows-what. At times it is sickening, at times it is unintentionally funny, but most of the time it is simply one huge train wreck. It would have been simply a fun, silly OVA of sorts if it weren’t for the over the top violence, horrendous acting, and copious amounts of gross humor. The entire thing is just unpleasant to watch. The animation is rather low-tier compared to its contemporaries, while the designs, specifically the monsters, are repulsive to look at.

What exactly did the makers of Apocalypse Zero intend it to be? Is it a parody of the post-apocalyptic genre? A satirical commentary on high school fighting dramas such as Battle Royale? A disturbing self-introspective study of the deranged juvenile in society? Whatever the creators were trying to accomplish, they failed at it, unless of course it was to make people throw things at their monitors.

Final Thoughts: 1/10
Apocalypse Zero is the illegitimate child of Urotsukidouji and Wicked City, the neglected little brother of Abashira Ikka, and the estranged father of Elfen Lied. Simply watching the first 15 minutes of Apocalypse Zero is like watching Caligula, it makes one ponder if the creators simply wanted to construct a punching bag for their problems rather than making anime. Apocalypse Zero is disgusting and shameful garbage; a travesty in every sense of the word.

Skip It.


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