Denpateki na Kanojo Review

Following the broadcast of Kure-nai, two special OVAs were bundled with the DVD release. The OVA, titled Denpateki na Kanojo, is written by the same author and is set in the same universe but features a new set of characters and different premise. The slang meaning of the term “denpa” refers to people who exhibit an uncanny ability to perceive things normal people can’t.

Juuzawa Juu (related to Juuzawa from Kure-nai?) is the average blonde-haired, lazy delinquent. One day, he is approached by Ochibana Ame, who claims that she knew him in a previous life, and now wants to serve him as his “knight.” At first, Juu is slightly irked by her presence, however after a classmate is murdered, the two work together to find the killer.

The detective sub-genre will never get old due to the amount of things you can do with it. Denpateki na Kanojo exemplifies this way of thinking. The premise is unique; putting a spin on the Yandere romance trope by incorporating certain mystery elements. The only downside is the short length of the show, which makes reviewing it rather obsolete.

Unlike Kure-nai, the mood and setting for Denpateki na Kanojo is very grim and dark. The method of storytelling incorporates a sense of suspense which really captivates the viewer. Sadly, once captivated, the show quickly runs out of episodes leaving viewers hungry for more and disappointed when they find out there isn’t any.

Final Thoughts: 8/10
Denpateki na Kanojo deserves to be much more than what it currently is. The characters are interesting and well fleshed; despite exhibiting a cornucopia of popular tropes, the characters offer a unique twist to the stereotypes in which they supposedly represent. The novels are episodic in nature which translate seamlessly into anime form. Miles ahead of Katayama’s previous work, Kure-nai.

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