Ghost Talker’s Daydream Review

Ghost Takler’s Daydream, also known as Vulgar Ghost Daydream, or Teizokurei Daydream, whichever you prefer, is a 10 volume manga, 4 episode OVA which aired in 2004. A shonen series set in modern day Japan, the story deals with ghosts or spirits, very similar to the more recent series Ghost Hunt and Psychic Detective Yakumo.

The story introduces Misaki Saiki, a white haired red eyed woman with the mysterious ability to see ghosts. Her day job involves dealing with these restless spirits. The show follows Misaki’s encounters with various spirits and is very much a detective drama with a twist. It is in many aspects, similar to the American television show Medium. Misaki is employed by the “Livelihood Preservation Group” as a necromancer who will sometimes act as a medium for various ghosts to communicate.

The show feels as if it came straight out of the 90s, something rare amongst anime made post-2000. The characters and setting give off the Mnemosyne vibe, set in a modern era Japan and taking many visual cues from Hollywood’s film noir genre. As a result, it feels very American, which is perhaps why Geneon chose to license this in favor of something else. In fact where have we seen genius female detective paired up with blundering male partner?

Despite dropping hints to Misaki’s past, the show never reaches any form of depth or mystery. As a result, it becomes rather disengaging to the viewer. Another victim of adaptation decay. The animation for something made in 2004 is shoddy at best. A great premise, but once again failed execution. At least it was more entertaining to watch than Pyschic Detective Yakumo.

Final Thoughts: 5/10
Call me Bee Train hater, but I did not care for Pyschic Detective Yakumo one bit. Why is it then that I think Ghost Talker’s Daydream is at least somewhat decent? It’s essentially the same thing, except instead of Light Yagami, we get a female dominatrix Ginko. Perhaps its the character designs, or the fact that in the former, the back story felt weak, whereas in the latter, there is no back story (at least in the anime). In any case, Ghost Talker’s Daydream is not particularly good or bad, just decent.

Watch It.


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