Ultimate Teacher Review

Apart from the fact that Ultimate Teacher was made in 1988, licensed by Manga Entertainment, and features a comedic premise, I really didn’t know what to expect going into this. I watched it on a whim, with no prior knowledge, a questionable choice in hindsight.

The synopsis according to ANN: At a run down school the “Ultimate Teacher” Ganpachi is sent to get things back on track and prepare the delinquent students for the real world. But the students don’t want Ganpachi ruining the gang they got going so their boss, Hinako, fights back Ganpachi aided by her secret power, her lucky kitty underwear. Things get more interesting when we findout Ganpachi is the result of genetic experiments.

Right away, the premise is outrageously fitting for a comedy show. However, the plot differs depending on the version. Apparently, there exists and English dub, a UK dub, and a subtitled version, all with slight differences in the dialogue. The ANN synopsis falls more in line with the English version, though truth be told, it doesn’t really matter all that much in the end.

Ultimate Teacher has been compared to Great Teacher Onizuka by many critics, bloggers, and reviewers. After watching both, I fail to see the resemblance. The circumstances that leads both main characters to their respective schools may seem similar, they are both teachers, and they both employ “alternative” means of disciplinary action. Yet there really is nothing else besides the aforementioned points.

Final Thoughts: 2/10
Ultimate Teacher despite featuring vague similarities with Great Teacher Onizuka, failed to impress me the way the latter did.  The characters are poorly developed and the visuals are hard to look at, even for a 1988 movie. A lot of people found this funny. Unfortunately, I did not.

Skip It.


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