Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Episode 2

Episode 2 is basically a back story episode. But before that, there’s the weekly Yukiko-hime tentacle fix.

It just so happens that the first demon is Ika-musume who decides to terrorize an amusement park. Enma-kun quickly “takes care” of the demon by smashing it with a goddamn flaming hammer, which pretty much destroys the entire park. Good riddance too, those jokes were bad.

Anyways, Harumi returns with Enma-kun and as gratitude for helping them last episode, Yuki-hime reveals how the demon patrol was first formed. The scene shifts to the demon world where Enma-kun is causing a ruckus as usual.

Not enough, raise the number, brilliant!

Enma-kun is summoned by his uncle King Enma (yes, that is glorious Norio Wakamoto’s voice), who tasks Enma-kun with sending stray demons who reside in the human world back to hell. Enma-kun receives his flame staff and sets off for the human world along with Yuki-hime and Kapperu.

Not enough, raise the number, brilliant!

After passing through the portal, the trio find themselves in Japan. Thus, the demon fighting antics of Enma-kun and company officially begin.

I’m still not sure whether Brain’s Base plans to make this a 12 episode or 24 episode show. So far, the pacing is excellent. The flashback sequence I thought was superbly well done. They managed to combine several demons into one episode and even cleverly used the tape recorder gimmick to cut down on Lord Enma’s monologue. From the previews for next episode, it looks like the “real” story is just about to get started. I’m talking about the Black Skull arc in the manga which features Chiko-sensei at the beginning.


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