Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Episode 3

This episode…so much pandering, fanservice, and all around pointless fun. Oh Go Nagai, for some reason I simply can’t stop watching this show. Perhaps its the fact that watching Enma-kun and his perverted antics is actually a refreshing change from much of anime’s contemporary protagonists in general. We also get to see people get the crap beaten out of them.

I like how the series will tend to reference the manga every now and then, sometimes for reasons of no relevance or importance. The scene with the shop owner and his sister actually made it into the episode, to my surprise. They served little purpose except as a gag of sorts in the manga but here the show actually pokes fun at the duo.

Overall, nothing much really happened this episode. Chiko-sensei inhales the smoke of a demon and Piledrives another teacher. Enma-kun and Chiko-sensei duke it out in a bath house. In the end, Enma-kun makes like Gao Gai Gar and one shots the demon with his flaming hammer. Add in copious amounts of spread eagle and Yuki-hime fanservice, and you’ve got episode 3. Speaking of spread eagle, it seems the new villain(?) in the preview is none other than Kekko Kamen…

Well I guess it’s been three episodes since the show began airing, arguably enough to get a feel of the series as a whole. People will no doubt be asking the important question: is this show good? My thoughts after sampling the first three episodes is: Yes it is, despite your typical Go Nagai nonsensicalness (which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your tastes). People have been calling Dororon Enma-kun a show that only “manchildren” who grew up in the 70s would enjoy. In a way, I would agree, as this show is broadcasted at around 2 AM in the morning and is intended for the original audience who are now pushing 30 or 40. I wouldnt call this a shounen series designed for today’s generation of children. However, that is not so say that newer fans can’t enjoy this show. So far, the series has stayed relatively faithful to the source material while boasting excellent Brain’s Base production values. Above all, there is Enma-kun himself, the supposed “innocent” demon child who has a lot yet to learn. There is A LOT of fanservice, a lot of in-jokes, references, repetition, but I think all of that is set in a context where it really works to the shows advantage, unlike much of the pointless fanservice shows we see today.


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5 Responses to Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Episode 3

  1. Mizeus says:

    Go Nagai women don’t wear panties. That’s what separates then from now. It’s an “enlightened” form of fanservice (har har har).

  2. Animedrugs says:

    Makes me wanna get pile-driver’d

  3. Woming says:


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