Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Episode 4

This show likes to jump around a lot. Just when things were about to get real, they decided to go back and animate one of the previous arcs that they missed. Oh well, we’ll have to wait another week for Kekko Kamen.

Harumi finds a stray cat, which is of course a youkai in disguise. It turns out it’s the Youkai of sleep Madoromin who puts people to sleep and wreaks havoc within their dreams. Not long after, Enma-kun and company all fall under the spell of the demon and fall into a deep slumber where crazy antics ensue.

Despite being trapped in the dream world, Enma uses his demon sensing eyebrows to see what’s going on in the real world. They find out at they have been kidnapped, along with many other humans, by the demon Hyakute, which literally means 100 hands (the show actually pokes fun of the manga for the name). The demons’ sinister plan involves tossing humans into a boiling cauldron and molding them into various demons themselves. They discover that Totsumu and Harumi have already been turned into demons in real life, and it’s only a matter of time before they get to Enma-kun and Yuki-hime.

At this point, I’m really enjoying the anime version of this series. Dororon Enma-kun is a show that benefits from the animation and vibrant colors as opposed to the rather grim sequences depicted in the manga. Also, being a homage to the 70’s, we get to see a lot of self-referencing. Enma-kun turns into Mazinger Z in the dream sequence, whereas in the manga, he doesn’t do anything special except fawn over a naked Yuki-hime. Anyways, Enma uses several memorable super robot attacks, including the classic Koushiryoku Beam, Rocket Punch, and Rust Hurricane to defeat the demon inside the dream world.

Immediately, Yuki-hime and Enma-kun wake up to find that they are being hung over the boiling cauldron. Despite their current predicament, Emna-kun is more pre-occupied with upside-down Yuki-hime (and I don’t blame him seeings as how it’s the one legged dangle). To save them both, Yuki-hime freezes the entire cauldron which also makes it explode. Enma does his Gao Gai Gar thing which, once again, kills the demons they were supposed to arrest. Everyone who was affected by the spell returns to normal, everyone except Kappaeru who was a demon to begin. Enma-kun proceeds to make fun of his “ugly” face.

Holy crap, is that Duke Togo? If so, that is one funny jab towards Takao Saito and the entire Golgo 13 staff. Oh man, Go Nagai and Brain’s Base are pure win.


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