How I Survived K-ON: By Searching For Odin, My Love!

K-ON was on hold for the longest time. I had seen a few episodes of the first season before giving up. Now there are some die hard K-ON fans that would give people like me shit for not giving the show a chance, but what it all boils down to is this: It’s a show about music (and cake) where the music is terrible. Still, I figured, if I were to call myself an anime fan, I would find it in my best interest to at least watch the entirety of K-ON seeing how popular it is in Japan.

But how? It would have been much easier had I just watched it while it was airing like the everyone else. Then it occurred to me. How the hell did I get past 2 painstakingly boring hours of Odin: Photon Space Sailor Starlight? The answer: LOUDNESS. I don’t care how inappropriately placed or timed, to the point of laughing, the music is. The point is, that band was the only thing keeping me awake during that movie and I knew that if I could shell out the time and last to the ending, my endurance would be rewarded in a glorious shower of wtf. Now faced with my newest challenge of getting through 2 seasons of K-ON, I pulled out my LOUDNESS collection and readied my Sennheisers…

And nothing of value of lost.


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7 Responses to How I Survived K-ON: By Searching For Odin, My Love!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I guess you must have really enjoyed Mazinkaiser SKL then. Or you don’t like new LOUDNESS?

    I can’t bring myself to watch k-on now, considering the vast amount of good sci fi stuff I haven’t got my dirty hands on yet.

  2. Anonymous says:

    While I hate K-ON, especially the music, Loudness isn’t that much of an improvement. It’s like having two extremes.

  3. Cyborg99 says:

    HELL YES LOUDNESS. This post just made my day. Screw all you haters, ODIN ROCKED.

    • Tronulax says:

      Not sure if being serious. But if you are, I’ll consider myself lucky to have (sorta) come in contact with one of 5 people in the world.

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