Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Episode 5

It’s that time of week again. Yes, it’s time to blog Enma-kun. Highlight of my week right here (forever alone). Anyways, what the hell did I just watch? In short, another pun spitting demon, yuki-hime fanservice fix, oh yeah, and there’s also Enma too.

Demon of the week is a talking beehive who siphons the brains of men because they “polute the city.” Women are okay though, because they make the world sexy, and so are hats. It’s like Miyazaki meets 70’s Kazuo Koike meets Go Nagai. Anyways, Enma-kun gets his brains siphoned by the demon, which reverts him back to an infant-like stage. Which is to say, he’s still a pervert, but now he’s an innocent pervert. By the way, the manga dedicates around 6 pages to Yuki-hime vs. bee alone.

Yuki-hime take up Enma’s cape and staff to confront the demon. Having been “entertained,” the demon offers to return the siphoned brains to their owners, but they must first defeat him in several “competitions” including strip dodgeball and sexy fight. Then comes Seiko-chan. I’ll spare you the screencaps. Due to a conflict of interest, Enpi-chan and the demon eventually engage in battle, with Enpi-chan’s hat acting as the catalyst for her personality change.

This show, I’d imagine, is very divisive. Often times I question why I look forward to ever episode, whereas I’m already slacking on many other titles this season. Perhaps its just the crazy insanity or the over-the-top, unfiltered comedy that you don’t see very much of these days. So far, it’s been a blast, but I do hope they actually go somewhere with the story. It seems that Enpi-chan and Enma-kun have encountered each other in some form in the past. But who knows. Specula in Enma-kun, now that’s a foreign idea.

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2 Responses to Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera Episode 5

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who the hell watches enma-kun for the plot? isn’t it an ecchi comedy?

    • Tronulax says:

      No one apparently. I watch it for Go Nagai’s patented nonsensical plot. Also because it’s Brain’s Base. Yes, its pretty much ecchi comedy, but it doesn’t try to shoehorn in something serious at the last second (at least I hope it won’t).

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