Read My Response to Random Questions Asked By My Other Self

The next volume of Appleseed XIII should be coming out soon. To pass the time, I have written various questions to myself which I will then answer myself. It’s a brilliant idea if I say so myself. Almost as brilliant as Serennia-sama interviewing himself because only he himself can ask himself the “tough” questions.

Dammit I have a “random” tag and I’m not afraid to use it.

A manchild trapped in a teenager’s body.

Since Rose of Versailles was a testament to anime’s cultural potential, I’d be interested to see an adaptation chronicling the American Revolution in much of the same vain. Though to be honest, for it to get made today it would have to be called “Code Geass R4: George Washington of the Rebellion.” Not even Yoshiaki Kawajiri could save this trainwreck (implying he wouldn’t be the one instigating it in the first place).

Also, it’d be one hell of a stretch, but I could totally see a Ressentiment-esque adaptation of Junot Diaz’s best selling novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. Aside from the fact that the main character is Dominican, the Japanese should have no problem relating.

No one. I’m forever alone. Perhaps one day I’ll muster up the courage to ask the bunny girl from Daicon IV. That is, only if I could find her from another time…

Ming from World of Ming. Not even joking. The man is a machine. When blogging was the game, he was the MVP. When blogging was the business, he was the CEO. A master when it came to manipulating both his readers and underlings. For 3 years, he and his BG9 cronies trolled me softly.

The Superflat movement was coined by Takashi Murakami and it stresses the “hyper-planar” art style. Artistically speaking, the hyper-planar style looks more than simply flat, but super-flat. To achieve this, an artist must take the allusion of depth and crush it, making background and foreground indiscernible. By condensing cultural forms and images into a flattened form, Superflat artists are supposedly simplifying the complexities of postmodern life. It is often posited to be a post-war social commentary of sorts, much like Gekiga and contemporary Ukiyo-e. While Gekiga often dealt with post-war gender roles, Superflat seeks to bridge the gap between “high culture” and “low culture” found in difference social classes. In a hyper-flattened image, all objects appear on a single plane. The result is an amalgamation of elements with no real hierarchy. When “high” and “low” become equal, that is Superflat.

I don’t get it either.

Screw prominence. I’d rather meet one of the lesser known figures. Someone like Suehiro Maruo. Yeah, that’d be an interesting encounter. I’d get him to autograph my Blast Books release of Comics Underground Japan. Hope I don’t get eye raped in the process.

Banner of the Stars and Boogiepop Phantom. While I don’t usually wish for sequels to shows that have had their immediate stories wrapped up already, there are certainly times when the inner fanboy gets the better of me. At least in this case, the material is readily available in the form of novels.

Also, since we’re dreaming here: Giant Robo.

Space Balloon Yamato.

Satoshi Kon. The man seriously needs an Oscar or five before dying. Hell, he should have got one 10 years ago for Millennium Actress. They gave it to Hayao Miyazaki instead because (1) they realized the slope of the quality bell-curve had just turned negative, and (2) Spirit Away was the only movie that satisfied the U.S. release prerequisite. Don’t get me wrong, Miya-san is nothing short of legendary. Unfortunately, his masterpiece came way before the Academy Award for Animation even existed as a category. It’s like Einstein receiving the Nobel prize for the Photoelectric Effect and not for Relativity. Should have just given him a life-time achievement award instead.

Why does your blog suck? oh wait…

I wake up in the middle of the night to see Ghost Pirate Captain Nishizaki standing by the window. He’s staring at me with that look meaning he’s out for revenge. Armed with a shotgun in one hand and the Odin movie trilogy box set in the other. The fact that the other 2 movies even exist is the worst part of the nightmare.


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