12 Faces of 2011

Between watching the new season of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic, blasting Black Country Communion late at night to stay awake, and the usual end-of-semester scramble, the so-called “12 days” flew by before I had a chance to do anything. So here’s what you get instead. Panic ulti rendition, just in time for the 25th. It’s the 12 faces of 2011.

#12. Berserk will be taking a short break

Obligatory shout out to Miura.

#11. Streaming on Nico Nico

It says something about one’s attention span when the scrolling rainbow comments are more interesting than everything else that’s happening in the show.

#10. Guilty Buckethead Thursdays

Guilty Crown got too boring too fast. Not a good sign when you’re dozing off multiple times during a span of 20 minutes. One week, out of the blue, I thought I’d keep myself awake by placing my metal instrumentals folder on shuffle. At first, it was nothing more than a joke. Then something amazing happened. The show got better. Not only did I NOT have to sit through the cringe-inducing dialogue or the cancer-breeding characterization, but the show’s strong area (style) was actually magnified by the blasting of Buckethead ballads. Goodbye Egoist, and good riddance too.

In any case, what started out as Guilty Buckethead quickly branched into other shows. It worked quite well the first time, why not spread it around? Throw in a little No.Sixx or a little Fate John/Five and we got a party on Thursdays.

On a side note, iDOLM@STER nearly became iZZY@STRADLIN. But in the end, the music did grow on me (a feat indeed).

#9. First No Pan Night

Who else stayed up all night to watch the first live stream of No Pan Night? And by all night I mean all morning. IMAISHI-KUN IN THE HOUSE.

#8. Oh shit Jinni’s what are you doing?

What are they doing?

#7. Sweet Fiscal Conservatism

I had originally written Ben-to off as “just another show.” That is, until it turned out to be Pacific Mall the anime. It feels nice to be pleasantly surprised every now and then. Here we have Japanese kids assaulting each other over half-priced boxed lunches, the premise of which is so ridiculous it screams anime. With kids like these, it makes you wonder what would have become of the Lost Decade.

#6. If only I could make Dumplings like that

Anyone see this short bit from Chinese animation studio Wolfe Smoke? Yeah that’s right. Contrary to popular belief, my people can animate. The dude in charge, Jin-Roh, has some skill. Now they just need to take a page from Itano’s book and make those french fries DANCE.


Stay alive the deadly game you play
Burn the torch now to light the way
Stay alive to break down the wall
The time has come to make the final call

Are we standing on the edge of hope
The human race is on its way to destruction
Fire back to bring us back to life
We are the soldiers at the edge of time

We are the soldiers of eternity
Immortal god machine sets the world free

#4. We found the Fractal

Fractals are cool and rad, and I’m not just talking about Julia sets and Mandelbrot sets, but this entire concept of Fractal evolution. Fascinating stuff that makes for interesting science fiction premises. I’d even say that Fractals were to the noughties what cyberpunk was to the 80s in terms of sci-fi. Of course, we don’t use that term, opting instead to use “post-cyberpunk.”

Then there was the TV show “Fractale” and all 883 barrels of its Sierpinski glory, or so I thought.  It took me 6 episodes before realizing that the dark knight wasn’t about to tell anything resembling a coherent story. So I resorted to looking for something, ANYTHING that might justify its name. Kochs, Cantors, anything. Then came the last episode when they rode that elevator thing up into space or whatever. And on that floor…

#3. Thermodynamics = Serious Business

If I were Madoka, I would heed the words of one Robert Frost. “If it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate, that for destruction ice, is also great, and would suffice.” Where you going QB?

Robert Frost was also apparently good friends with Yao Ming.

#2. Robert Downey Jr.

2011 was the year I started this anime blog, or as I refer to it, the abomination of various unicorns. The anime euphoria, as I refer to it, has settled down since this blog’s supposed heyday. But not before several embarrassments were had. If there’s one lesson to be learned, it is to heed the words of yet another Robert: “You never go full weeaboo.”

#1. I seriously hope we don’t do this


There are two people who I would consider partners in crime when it comes to watching cartoons that have no business being watched. One of whom is a dirty asian who won’t watch anything unless it pushes all the right buttons in his inner chiggerboo. The other is a casual who will dabble into anything as long as it has a good story and a non-gay lead. But one thing we all had in common was our contempt for the Japanese, thanks in-part to our non-southern Chinese lineage but mostly because we’ve seen enough shit from Japan that there’s a general distrust towards the glorious Nihons. Despite this fact, we still found time to yell at each others’ shit taste.

The three of us talked briefly back in January when the Winter season was just about to start. We rolled out the charts, grimaced at the amount of underage lolis that stood before us, made our season predictions, etc, etc. I don’t remember much from that conversation, but I do recall saying Fractale was going to be good (shows what I know). The semester began and we went our separate ways back to college and what not.

Fast forward to summer. Having returned home after almost six months of being away gave us a chance to catch up. A lot had happened, as I’m sure anyone who keeps up with the news will recall. As far as anime goes, Madoka was the talk of the season, but not for these guys. Neither was Ano Hana, Stein’s Gate, Tiger & Bunny, etc. It quickly became apparent that all the supposed “popular” shows were too mainstream for these elitists and self-proclaimed hipsters. Surely, I thought, there must have been at least ONE show that the three of us ended up watching. Well there was. It ended up being the show we unanimously agreed was going to be the worst of the season. That show was Freezing.

Apparently, unanimous agreement that something is going to be the season’s worst is secret code for “watch that shit.” Because that’s exactly what happened. Having been trolled by the devil into starting my own anime blog, I of course watched a little bit of everything with the intention of staying relevant. The casual and chiggerboo, I was surprised to learn however, had watched one and only one show since the last time we had met. This absolutely blew my mind.

I realized something that day. Our tastes may be different. Our preferences may be different. But beneath all the appearances and talk, we were all bound and driven by the same force. A grotesque and unyielding force that caused us to seek the filthiest of scum so that we may satiate our impetuous and masochistic desires. I realized that this was not by choice, but perhaps eons worth of evolutionary process culminating in an entire race of Mingtypes. The same force also compelled us to start our own podcast, until we realized the amount of cancer spread in doing so would far exceeded the acceptable limits imposed by all humanity.

At any rate, Constanza takes the cake for number one face of 2011.

Merry Christmas.


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