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12 Faces of 2011

Between watching the new season of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic, blasting Black Country Communion late at night to stay awake, and the usual end-of-semester scramble, the so-called “12 days” flew by before I had a chance to do … Continue reading

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An Arbitrary Amount of Time Spent Obsessing Over Japanese Cartoons

When I was little, I used to take painting and calligraphy lessons. My first painting was some random landscape. I used colored ink on rice paper. I felt pretty boss after I had finished it, as if I had just … Continue reading

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We Roll Tonight, To the Guitar Bite

It’s always entertaining when American bands embark on world tours. Take for instance Use Your Illusion era Guns N’ Roses. They played the Tokyo Dome three nights in ’92, each to a sold-out crowd of 55,000 (their largest audience since … Continue reading

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Happy Endings: In Memory of Satoshi Kon

As if lured by the Greek sirens, he entered the innermost chamber, the pistil of the rose. There it was again, the enigmatic notes echoed far off into the distance. In front of him, a light shone upon a grand piano, a … Continue reading

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Appleseed XIII Episode 2

Look what finally decided to show up. Okay, straight the point. I have two problems with this episode and the way the show(?) is progressing. The first is characterization. Recall “the old times.” Words spoken by one Batou, character from … Continue reading

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That Guy’s Ruining a Perfectly Good Game of FOOTBALL!

I got into this whole anime blogging thing in a similar manner to how most other people once did. That is, having found a hobby in anime/manga, I merely wished to express it in some form (and if possible, with … Continue reading

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The Staff of Odin: Where Are They Now?

Odin: Koushi Hansen Starlight or Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight is notoriously known as Yoshinobu Nishizaki’s failed attempt to bring back the magic of Space Battleship Yamato. Originally slated to be a series of films, it featured the talents of … Continue reading

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