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Celebrating 50 Years of Anime: 50 People of the Past and Present Who Shaped Anime Into What It is Today (Introduction and #50-46)

First things first: depending on how you look at it, it’s not really the 50th anniversary of Japanese animation. The first instances of animation extend far back in time, predating the likes of Tetsuwan Atom and Kimba the White Lion. Early … Continue reading

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2010 A Year in Review Part I: Highlights and Personal Picks for the Best Anime of 2010

I’ve been watching anime for a while now, however, the year 2010 was the first year I actually followed it extensively. That is, instead of watching only what I could come across and what was deemed popular among Americans, I … Continue reading

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Fall 2010 Anime Season Final Impressions

Finally time to wrap up the Fall 2010 Anime Season. While the season itself was a slight improvement over Summer 2010, it was still rather lacking in notable titles (by that I mean the quantity, not quality, of said titles). … Continue reading

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