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2010 A Year in Review Part I: Highlights and Personal Picks for the Best Anime of 2010

I’ve been watching anime for a while now, however, the year 2010 was the first year I actually followed it extensively. That is, instead of watching only what I could come across and what was deemed popular among Americans, I … Continue reading

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Memorable Moments in Anime: Times When No Other Image Macro Will Suffice (Part I)

Everyone who watches anime extensively has no doubt experienced “that” moment. What exactly is “that” moment? It is difficult to say exactly. It’s a moment that incites a change in emotion so great as to leave one speechless. Or perhaps … Continue reading

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Durarara!! Review

From the renowned author who created Baccano! comes its spiritual successor Durarara!!, an urban thriller taking place in modern day Japan. Brain’s Base produced the Durarara!! anime adaptation which aired during the winter of 2010. The show was highly popular during … Continue reading

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