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We Roll Tonight, To the Guitar Bite

It’s always entertaining when American bands embark on world tours. Take for instance Use Your Illusion era Guns N’ Roses. They played the Tokyo Dome three nights in ’92, each to a sold-out crowd of 55,000 (their largest audience since … Continue reading

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How I Survived K-ON: By Searching For Odin, My Love!

K-ON was on hold for the longest time. I had seen a few episodes of the first season before giving up. Now there are some die hard K-ON fans that would give people like me shit for not giving the … Continue reading

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2009 A Year in Review Part II: A Retrospective Look at 2009, A Year of Sad Realizations

Now that we’ve recounted the highlights of the year, its time look at what else happened. I planned on posting a picture of the Crying Freeman cover to convey my thoughts, but opted for something more in context. Though come … Continue reading

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