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Celebrating 50 Years of Anime: 50 People of the Past and Present Who Shaped Anime Into What It is Today (#10-6)

Another installment in the (almost finished!) Celebrating 50 Years of Anime series of posts. This time we have someone who survived the teachings of a madman, cup noodles and red man, the best jewfro in town, and the executive of a … Continue reading

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The Anime You Love Most

Ever try to make a Top 10 list of your favorite anime? Did you find yourself struggling with the ranking? How did you choose your number one anime? In what way is your number one better than all the rest? … Continue reading

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Favorite Pieces of Anime Theme Music

There was a point in time where I would skip past the openings and endings of the anime I watched. That is no longer the case as I have realized the error in my ways. The theme music to a … Continue reading

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Memorable Moments in Anime: Times When No Other Image Macro Will Suffice (Part I)

Everyone who watches anime extensively has no doubt experienced “that” moment. What exactly is “that” moment? It is difficult to say exactly. It’s a moment that incites a change in emotion so great as to leave one speechless. Or perhaps … Continue reading

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2008 A Year in Review: Best Anime of 2008, A Year of Fabulous Trainwrecks

Following one of the better years of the decade, 2008 was a year of contrasting feelings. The popular shows were no longer considered good, while a surge of productions geared solely towards niche audiences began to make their appearances more … Continue reading

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