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Appleseed XIII Episode 2

Look what finally decided to show up. Okay, straight the point. I have two problems with this episode and the way the show(?) is progressing. The first is characterization. Recall “the old times.” Words spoken by one Batou, character from … Continue reading

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Appleseed XIII Episode 1: “Oh shit Masamune Shirow what are you doing?” and Other Ramblings

Appleseed is an often times overlooked franchise. The manga debuted in 1985 and a one-shot OVA was produced in 1988. Some have criticized its clich├ęd plot and characters, yet without its original success, Shirow Masamune would not be the renowned … Continue reading

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Video Girl Ai Review

Video Girl Ai, originally a manga series, was adapted into a six-part OVA by Production I.G. in 1991. The manga had not finished at the time and the anime was treated as a grounds of experimentation for which paths the … Continue reading

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2009 A Year in Review Part I: Highlights and Personal Picks for the Best Anime of 2009

2009 was year of few winners and many losers. Except the losers are actually winners as the winners had no recognition whatsoever. It was a year where fandom wallowed in exhausted life boats waiting for the rescue chopper to come. … Continue reading

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