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Celebrating 50 Years of Anime: 50 People of the Past and Present Who Shaped Anime Into What It is Today (#45-41)

Another installment in the Celebrating 50 Years of Anime series of posts. This time we have a prolific science fiction writer who happens to be an “ass” man, an up-and-coming “confirmed-for-bro” animator who can also DJ, a dude whom I … Continue reading

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Memorable Moments in Anime: Times When No Other Image Macro Will Suffice (Part I)

Everyone who watches anime extensively has no doubt experienced “that” moment. What exactly is “that” moment? It is difficult to say exactly. It’s a moment that incites a change in emotion so great as to leave one speechless. Or perhaps … Continue reading

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2009 A Year in Review Part II: A Retrospective Look at 2009, A Year of Sad Realizations

Now that we’ve recounted the highlights of the year, its time look at what else happened. I planned on posting a picture of the Crying Freeman cover to convey my thoughts, but opted for something more in context. Though come … Continue reading

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2007 A Year in Review: Best Anime of 2007, A Year of “Why Can’t I Hold All These Shows!?”

2007 took anime fandom by storm. Not only did all seasons combined feature more titles than all of its predecessors, it managed to keep a certain ratio of quality. Many modern classics or potential classics were part of this epic … Continue reading

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